I love ugly Royal Flower Cap #6

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Did we just become best friends? YUP

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Ryan picking up his game. DENZEL!!!!


Inspiration of the day!

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Don’t know ya but I’d like to meet ya ;)

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I finally made it to Arlington National Cemetery yesterday after living in DC for over a year. My sister and I were passed by a funeral procession which struck me with ‘where else would tourists and those burying a love one cross paths in the same place?’ The tombstones are endless and overwhelming and really reminded me how proud I am to be an American and the gratitude I hold for our service men and women. 

The Art of Flight. Both DVD and soundtrack are on the bday list. Reviews are great, looks insane.

Chances are pretty high I’ll name my son Charlie

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Diva in the making. She’s gonna be something.

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Crying: Acceptable at funerals and the Grand Canyon. -Ron Swanson

Have been loving these guys lately. This video = I don’t wanna grow up!

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What I would do to do this again…right now.

Happy Halloween from me and scary Ryan Gosling. I’ll probably have nightmares tonight. The dudes are talented though